Dr. Tina Dorfman

Dr. Tina Dorfman is a General Dentist at Dr. Tina Dorfman Family Dentist in Pointe Claire. 

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Dr. Tina Dorfman, Pointe Claire Dentist

Meet Dr. Tina Dorfman


  • Graduated 1986 from McGill University with degree in Dentistry, Bachelor of Science.

Specialized In Child Care

  • Completed residency at Montreal Children’s Hospital working as an associate in pediatric dentistry for 5 years.

Experience You Can Trust

  • Over 25 years practicing as a family dentist in Montreal.

Always Improving!

  • Numerous Continuing Education Courses completed in Root Canal Treatment, Complex Restorative Dentistry, Crown and Bridge, Implant Dentistry, Invisalign, Preventive Dentistry, and Pediatric Dentistry.

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