Dr. Fred Fagan

Dr. Fred Fagan is a Periodontist at Dr. Tina Dorfman Family Dentist in Pointe Claire. 

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Dr. Fred Fagan, Pointe Claire Dentist

Meet Dr. Fred Fagan

Dr. Fagan received his DDS in 1970 form McGill University and his specialist degree in Periodontics in 1972 from the University of Toronto. He has been practicing Periodontics in Montreal since 1974.

He has taught extensively at McGill university and at the University of Montreal Dental Schools.

Dr. Fagan has been working with Dr Dorfman for over 20 years. He is an expert in periodontal surgery including gum grafts and open flap surgery.

Dr. Dorfman and Dr. Fagan work closely together to provide the most advanced periodontal care to all of the patients.

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